The San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review: 9/5/09

September 6, 2009

Activity to continued to be VERY busy this past week.  There has been some serious home buying going on in San Carlos– just look at the list of Pending Sales below.  Some homes aren't even making it to the first open house.   I guess summer is over, and the fall real estate season is in full swing.   It will be interesting to see if the buying momentum continues in the coming weeks.

New Feature:  Open Houses. I added a new button to the weekly update that lists all of the open houses that are scheduled for this weekend Pretty handy!  It's updated continuously, so be sure to bookmark the link.

Here's a snapshot of the San Carlos market, as of 9/5. The previous week's stats are in parentheses:

Price Range Active Pending Ratio
Homes < $1M 30 (25) 19 (22) 1.6 : 1 (1.1 : 1)
Homes $1M –$1.5M 18 (20) 9 (8) 2.0 : 1 (2.5 : 1)
Homes >$1.5M 10 (9) 2 (2) 5.0 : 1 (4.5 : 1)
Total 58 (54) 30 (32) 1.9 : 1 (1.7 : 1)


What Sold in San Carlos

Below are homes that sold this past week in San Carlos. Click on the respective addresses to get all the details.

290 Oakview Drive

  • Pictured AboveSale Price: $1,330,000. Original List Price: $1,695,000. Difference: $365,000 (21.5%) below original list. DOM: 273 Days under current MLS# 80833802. This is one of the final ones to sell at Oak View Knolls.  Listed by Bruce Dougherty of Alain Pinel Realtors.

145 Beverly Drive

  • Sale Price: $895,000. Original List Price: $849,950. Difference: $45,050 (5.3%) above original list. DOM: 9 Days under current MLS# 80933605. Listed by Dave Blewett of Intero Real Estate Services.

39 Coronado Avenue

  • Sale Price: $860,000. Original List Price: $975,000. Difference: $115,000 (11.8%) below original list. DOM: 93 Days under current MLS# 80918871. Listed by Kendra Wall of Vanguard Properties.

2806 San Carlos Avenue

  • Sale Price: $720,000. Original List Price: $768,000. Difference: $48,000 (6.3%) below original list. DOM: 99 Days under current MLS # 80918959. Listed by Mauricio Martinez of RE/MAX Star Properties.

2425 San Carlos Avenue

  • Sale Price: $685,000. Original List Price: $679,000. Difference: $6,000 (1.0%) above original list. DOM: 13 Days under current MLS # 80937409. Listed by Armando Vincent of  Armando Investment.

352 Clifton Avenue

  • Sale Price: $650,000. Original List Price: $699,000. Difference: $49,000 (7.0%) below original list. DOM: 53 Days under current MLS # 80927591. Listed by Nancy Wierenga of Coldwell Banker.

(Click this button to see all of the homes that have sold in San Carlos in the past 3 months.)


Homes Pending Sale in San Carlos

The following homes went “Pending Sale” this week — click on the address for more info:

  • 205 Aberdeen Dr, after 10 days on the market.
  • 112 Chesham Ave, after 11 days.
  • 27 Exeter Ave, 3 days.
  • 108 Glasgow Lane, 7 days
  • 227 Rockridge Rd, 167 days
  • 1175 Walnut St., 7 days

(Click this button to see all the homes that are Pending Sale in San Carlos.)


New Listings in San Carlos

Below are the new listings that hit the market this past week in San Carlos. Simply click on the address of each home to get all the details. If a generic search page appears, check under the “Homes Pending Sale in San Carlos” section to see if it's already pending sale.

2916 Eaton Avenue

  • Pictured Above: $2,195,000— 4BR/3BA, 2,717 sq ft on a 8,600 square foot lot. MLS# 80942362, listed by Sam Anagnostou of Anagnostou Properties.

434 Hill Way

  • $1,479,428— 3BR/2.5BA, 2,610 sq ft on a 4,950 square foot lot. MLS# 80942655, listed by Laura Bertolacci of RE/MAX Today.

1365 Geneva Avenue

  • $939,000— 3BR/1BA, 1,260 sq ft on a 4,040 square foot lot. MLS# 80941697, listed by Christine Rosenfeld of Cashin Company.

21 Alta Lane

  • $898,000— 4BR/2.5BA, 2,200 sq ft on a 8,300 square foot lot. MLS#80942468, listed by John Shroyer of RE/MAX Today.

1613 Greenwood Avenue

  • $879,000— 3BR/3BA, 1,600 sq ft on a 5,640 square foot lot. MLS# 80941639, listed by Michael Bruno of Cal-West Realty.

278 Vine Street

  • $850,000— 3BR/2BA, 1,510 sq ft on a 5,000 square foot lot. MLS# 80942448, listed by Gail Aknin of Cashin Company.

27 Exeter Aveue

  • $749,500— 3BR/2BA, 1,750 sq ft on a 7,560 square foot lot. MLS# 80941650, listed by Karen Doherty of Doherty Realty.   Already pending sale!

(The “San Carlos Week in Review” series is a summary of new listings and home sales in San Carlos for the prior week.)


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  1. Alan Kutach on September 8, 2009 at 3:52 am

    Offering a correction to the homes that closed this week: 352 Clifton initially listed at $699k (reduced to $659 before going into contract). The final price of $650k is thus 7% below the original asking price.

  2. Chuck on September 8, 2009 at 5:03 am


    You’re absolutely correct. Thanks for catching that — the numbers are now updated in the post. I really buggered that one, since I even had the wrong agent as the listing agent too. Time for a vacation!


  3. transient on September 8, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    39 Coronado had a much longer listing history too, starting out at a much higher price. Do you know what the issue was with that place? Seems like the buyer got a great deal on a large house with a view.

  4. Chuck on September 13, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Hi Mike,

    You’re right. This home has been off an on the market since August of ’08 when it first listed for $1,349,000. I have featured it on the site a few times during that span. Since that time, the listing changed brokerages 3 times and it ultimately became an REO. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, and the person who bought it for $889K ($357/sq ft) did indeed get a good deal. I used to include the total history for some of these listings, but often times they’re pulled off the market for a short stint and put back on, often times at a reduced price. That resets the DOM clock back to zero, and in reality it deserves to look like a new listing. That’s why I don’t include the ancient history anymore, unless it’s an unbroken span of time that it was on the market.

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