San Carlos/Eaton Hills 4-H club gears up for another great year…

September 22, 2009



Are you looking for some fun and interesting activities for your children that will also teach them about responsibility, community service, and leadership?  How about learning a new hobby or craft, such as sewing, beekeeping, web design, or raising chickens?  Or perhaps you want a healthy alternative to the normal sports offerings in San Carlos.   If you do, then you really need to look in to the San Carlos/Eaton Hills 4-H Club.

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health..

The 4-H organization started around the beginning of last century as way to give children a “hands-on” experience to supplement their education.  Clubs began to spin off from the main 4-H organization throughout the nation as the idea gained in popularity.    4-H was a big part of my youth in what is now the Emerald Hills area — we raised sheep, learned about electricity, and built a ton of cool stuff in woodshop.  The toolbox that I use to this day was a 4-H project that I built with the help of my dad.  Pretty cool.

What Eaton Hills Offers…

A common misconception about 4-H is that it's just about raising animals.    There's way more to it than that.  According to 4-H Community Leader Bruce Knoth,  4-H offers a wide variety of projects including:  Astronomy, Backpacking, Beekeeping, Beginning 4-H, Cake Decorating, Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Cooking, Demonstrations (Public Speaking), Electricity,  Gardening, Goats, Hobby Crafts, Knitting, Leadership, Lambs,  Money Management, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, Scrapbooking,  Sewing,  Shooting Sports, Web Design,  and Woodworking.      This list will vary depending on the interest level of the kids, and the availability of leaders.   But it gives you an idea of how diverse the programs are.

Another common myth about 4-H is that it's just for the young kids.   Eaton Hills members range in age from 5 -19 years old!   There's something for youth of all ages, and you'll find that as the kids graduate the program, they often come back later as leaders.    Here's a recent picture of the Eaton Hills group:

4H members2008

San Carlos/Eaton Hills 4-H Club - 2008

Important Dates…

Sound interesting to you? If so, here are some important dates regarding upcoming meetings:

  • October 7, 2009 — 7:00 PM, Clifford School:  Parent Information Meeting.   This is where they explain 4H (registration, projects, expectations, and what 4H is about). This meeting is essential for the parents of new members.
  • October 20, 2009 — 7:00 PM, Clifford School: Monthly Meeting.   Meetings are generally the third Tuesday of each month and last about an hour.

Even though they've already held their first meeting this year, new members are welcome to join.    Membership is a very affordable $45.

Questions? If you have more questions about 4-H, feel free to contact Bruce Knoth at 650-654-4975.


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