Breaking News: Is In-N-Out Burger coming to San Carlos?

October 8, 2009


Sure looks that way.  Take a peek at what's on the City Council Agenda for this coming Monday's meeting:

According to the email update I received from the City, the city-owned parcel at the corner of Industrial and Holly that's specified as item “6d” in the agenda is going to be purchased by none other than  In-N-Out Burgers.   This is such a no-brainer!   Not only is it the perfect location for an In-N-Out location — the closest ones are in Mountain View and Millbrae — but it will be a HUGE sales tax revenue generator a City that really needs a shot in the arm (or bank account.)

This is a great coup for the City of San Carlos, but not so great for my cholesterol level. Oh well, I'll still take a #1 animal style, chocolate shake….

UPDATE:  Here's an article in this morning's Daily Journal with more info:  In-N-Out Coming to San Carlos


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