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January 28, 2010

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There's no argument that Facebook is an amazing tool for people to keep in touch with each other. Some experts have been so bold to predict that Facebook will someday replace email as the chosen communication medium. Now THAT'S a big statement. Despite the fact that Facebook can be frustratingly counter-intuitive to use, there's no doubt it has changed the face of social media forever — after all, hundreds of millions of subscribers can't be wrong, right?

But much like my analysis of Twitter, it took some head scratching for me to figure how I could use Facebook to add value to The White Oaks Blog.   Enter the Fan Page.   If used properly, Facebook's Fan Page is much like Twitter in that doesn't just replicate a blog, but it's a perfect supplement to it. Think of it as a way to post additional information that wouldn't necessarily warrant a full-blown blog article.

So here are the three reasons why you should become a fan of the White Oaks Blog on Facebook:

  1. Get ALL of the posts from the White Oaks Blog.  Each post that's written on the White Oaks Blog is automatically syndicated over to the Fan Page, so you don't miss anything.
  2. Real-time information on San Carlos Homes Sold, Pending Sales, and New Listings.   You know all of that great information you get in Saturday's “San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review” series?  Now you don't have to wait until Saturday to get it — I post the same info each day as it happens, so they'll automatically show up in your News Feed.
  3. News articles on Real Estate and San Carlos.   I read a ton of information each day on what's happening in San Carlos, and real estate trends in general.  The fan page is the perfect place for me to post interesting articles that may not warrant a full blog post.

Convinced?  Just click on this link to become a fan of the White Oaks Blog on Facebook, or see click on the “Become a Fan of the White Oaks Blog” widget in the right sidebar.   Happy reading!


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