San Carlos: Google Announces Plans For High-Speed Fiber Network, Needs Community Partner.

February 11, 2010

Looking for Community Partners

Yesterday, Google announced ambitious plans to launch an experimental high-speed fiber network that would deliver speeds of up to 1Gig/second right to the home.  They are looking for creative ways to expand the use of the internet and improve the overall experience for users.   I'm all for that!   Check out their short promotional video for more information.  What's interesting is that they are looking for select communities with which to form partnerships to roll out this new technology.  San Carlos, raise your hand!

We're a great fit.

It wasn't too many years ago that the City of San Carlos won an award or being one of the first cities to roll out a comprehensive and interactive city website, so we already have a reputation as being a technologically advanced community.   Do you think San Carlos should put its hat in the ring?   If you do, send an email with a link to this blog post to Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager of San Carlos.  Brian's a very technical guy who understands networks, so he'll definitely get what this is all about.


Think of all of the cool stuff that would be possible with such a feature-rich connection right to the home.   If nothing else, my blog will load faster 😉

(Special thanks to blog readers KB and Margo for the tip on this story.)

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