Looking for Open Houses in San Carlos? Just Remember “OH”…

February 19, 2010

Trouble Finding Open Houses in San Carlos?

For some strange reason, it has always been difficult to find a single website that lists all of the open houses in a particular community for the upcoming weekend.  Think of how useful that would be to get an up-to-the-minute list of what homes and condos are open this weekend in San Carlos!  Well, now you have it..  Introducing the Open House Link from the White Oaks Blog!  or, better known as the “White Oaks Blog OH.”

Just Remember the Letters “OH”…

I've always had the “Open House” icon on the right sidebar of the blog, which lists all of the open houses and condos in San Carlos.  But what if you're not on the blog when you need that information?  What if you're already in your car driving around looking for open houses?   Well, I have created a VERY easy to remember link that you can punch into any computer or smart phone:

This url is very cool because it's a “live link“, meaning it's updated continuously.    So as soon as an agent updates their listing on the MLS with new open house hours, they're automatically captured here — without doing a thing.   This is especially useful because some agents forget to post the open house hours on the MLS until the last minute (I have been guilty of that boo-boo myself.)

Once you're on the page, not only do you see what days and hours the home is scheduled to be open, but you also get all of the listing information on the home, just like you would if you were on the MLS — including pictures!

So check it out — all you have to remember is “WhiteOaksBlog.com” (which you already know because you're here), and “OH” (for Open House), and you've got it!  Better yet, just bookmark it on your phone or computer now.  You'll never have to hunt down a list of open houses in San Carlos again.

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