Harmony Yogurt’s New Location is a Home Run.

May 13, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Harmony Frozen Yogurt won the “froyo” battle in San Carlos when their main competitor Red Mango pulled up stake and left town.   Harmony seized the opportunity to take advantage of a prime vacancy on Laurel Street, and moved their business from the old location on Arroyo Avenue to Red Mango's vacated storefront at 852 Laurel Street, right next to Bianchini's Market.

Sometimes when a business doesn't fly, one wonders whether it's the business model or the location that undermined its success.  Certainly, Red Mango is wildly successful in other communities, especially those in Southern California.   So are we dealing with a jinxed location?


I walked by Harmony's new location one afternoon this week and saw that every seat in the place was taken, and the line was out the door.  Probably more people in the place that afternoon than Red Mango got in an entire week.    So clearly the location wasn't the problem.  In fact, Harmony's new home is a significant improvement from their old place — more space, more chairs and benches, and closer to my other fix (coffee.)    But really, the story behind the story is that San Carlos residents tend to support their own, and Harmony has been a very good neighbor to this town.

Speaking of which…

Fundraiser for San Carlos Educational Foundation:  May 15.

On Saturday May 15th, Harmony will donate all of the proceeds from that day's sales of yogurts and smoothies to the San Carlos Educational Foundation.  This is the 5th fundraiser that Harmony has hosted for the SCEF, and they have been a model example of a small, successful business giving something back to the community.   Perhaps that's one of the reasons why they're still here…and the other guys aren't?

Oh yeah, and their yogurt is outstanding, too.  (minor detail..)

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