White Oaks Nabs Its Own Sandwich Shop

July 10, 2010


The Sandwich Spot

White Oaks residents no longer need to trek up to the north section of Laurel Avenue to grab a deli sandwich.  The Sandwich Spot just opened their doors a couple of weeks ago, giving White Oaks residents a great alternative for a quick lunch.  The Sandwich Spot features a large array of both hot and cold sandwiches, like a any good deli should.   However, they take it a step further by offering their own special spreads on some of the sandwiches (I was told the garlic spread is outstanding!) and they actually bake some of their bread right there in the deli.   The sandwich that we ordered was easily large enough to split between two people, and it was very good!

As you can see from the picture below, the Sandwich Spot shares a roof with the White Oaks Flower Shoppe, which used to occupy the entire building at 1312 Laurel Street — kitty corner to Skinny Sippin' at Howard and Laurel.

The Sandwich Spot San Carlos

According to the owners, this “arrangement” of flowers and sandwiches is quite synergistic – so much so, that there's a walkway that connects both businesses from the inside. Grab a sandwich, and then buy your cardiologist a bouquet of flowers?

So check out the Sandwich Spot. The sandwiches are great, and you won't leave hungry!

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