The Best of San Carlos Real Estate: 2010.

January 4, 2011

Biggest, Smallest, Priciest, and Cheapest…

Every year in January, I do an in-depth analysis of the San Carlos real estate market. In this report, I take a close look at the key metrics that are commonly tracked in the real estate market, and compare them to prior years performance.  That particular report will be out in the next few days when all of the final numbers are tallied, and it should be very interesting to see how the 2010 real estate market in San Carlos stacked up against 2009.

But I also like to take a lighter look at what sold in San Carlos during the year.  Namely, the extremes of the different metrics we follow during:  which homes were the biggest, or the smallest, or the most expensive, etc… and put them in a short list.  That's always an eye-opener, too. So without further delay, here's this year's list.  As usual, click on the address of any of these properties if you want to see more details.

Most Expensive House Sold:

  • By Price:  256 Devonshire Boulevard$2,425,000
  • By $/sq foot: 2733 Clifford Avenue$900/sq foot.

Least Expensive Home Sold:

  • By Price and $/sq foot:  220 Winding Way.   $160,000 or $211/sq foot.

Largest Home Sold:

  • 609 De Anza Avenue.  4,152 square feet.

Smallest Home Sold:

  • 79 Winding Way.  670 square feet.

Biggest Upside from Original List:

  • 921 Rosewood Avenue.  14%, or $102,050 above original list price.

Biggest Downside from Original List:

  • 220 Winding Way.  -38%, or $99,900 below original list price.


Next Up:  2010 Year in Review.

That's it for this year's list.  Stay tuned in the coming days for the 2010 San Carlos Year in Review, where I'll take a closer look at the overall numbers in San Carlos and compare them to the same metrics for 2009.

(Disclaimer:  information above is derived from the multiple listing service, and is not guaranteed for accuracy.   This info is provided solely for entertainment purposes, and author is not responsible for any errors in the data.  Author is not implying involvement in any of the above transactions.)

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  1. Susan MacEwen on January 5, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Great way to show a recap of your real estate market! I loved seeing the smallest home sold. I was just talking about how there is a perfect buyer for every property…even the smallest ones.

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