San Carlos Kindergarten Parents Get Great News.

March 10, 2011

Everyone Accepted to Assigned School.

Anxiety has been replaced by jubilation for many San Carlos parents who enrolled their kindergartner for the 2011-12 school year.   As you'll recall from the previous post on this subject, the District imposed a March 4 deadline for parents to turn in applications for the upcoming school year.    The District anticipated that it would be notifying parents by Monday March 7th which school their child would be placed in. Because the schools are so full this year, it took a couple of extra days to get everything done.

But the San Carlos School District once again worked their magic, and got every student into the school that they were assigned to.  In addition, they were able to place those students who were not in their assigned district, but had siblings attending the same school.   The District delivered the good news in the following email (excerpts)

Dear Parents of Kindergartners for the Class of 2011-12!

We have now completed our 2011-12 kindergarten registration process for all
applicants who turned in paperwork by Friday, March 4th at 4 PM.  Every
school is extremely full, so it took a little time to make sure we could fit
all Kindergartners in their assigned neighborhood schools.  I am happy to
report that we were able to do so!  Therefore, we do not have anyone on a
waitlist for his/her own neighborhood school.

We were also able to accommodate the 17 students who will have siblings
concurrently attending schools outside their assigned schools, as per
district policy regarding enrollment preferences.  Because we are so full at
every site, however, we were not able to grant most other requests for
transfers to other schools…

Now, those parents can gleefully focus on getting the myriad of forms and doctor's appointments completed before the new school year starts.   Great work once again by the San Carlos School District.


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  1. Cris Wilde on March 16, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Perhaps this was the hype needed to justify the bonus the San Carlos superintendent will be up for in a few months? In the meantime, we’re faced with contributions to SCEF, the parcel tax renewal and the new parcel tax!

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