San Carlos School District to Discuss Possible Bond Measure.

June 7, 2012

Challenges Ahead for San Carlos Schools.

The success and outstanding reputation of the San Carlos School District is turning out to be its biggest challenge as the district looks ahead to the next decade.  It's no secret that our highly regarded school district is a primary reason why families with school-age children put San Carlos at the top of their list when choosing a community to purchase a home.

But that success and popularity has not come without a price.   The current enrollment in the district is already pushing the capacity at all of the schools to the limit.  Having a wait-list to get into kindergarten used to be an occasional problem in San Carlos — now it seems to be a way of life.   And because of the capacity constraints, homeowners are finding that there's no guarantee that their child will be able to attend their local neighborhood school.

And the enrollment projection ahead to the next decade doesn't show any relief in the enrollment crunch.   So the district has a monumental two-fold task in front of it: How to increase the capacity of the San Carlos School District, and how to upgrade its aging facilities.   And they're ready to discuss how this is going to happen.

Community Meetings.

Tonight, and again on June 26th, the District will host community meetings to discuss these challenges in detail, and to outline possible solutions.    The common denominator in any solution will be money, and a big part of this meeting is to gauge the public's opinion on putting a bond measure on the ballot in November to fund capacity increase and facility upgrades that are so sorely needed.

Here's a letter from the District Superintendent regarding these meetings:

Dear San Carlos Community:

The San Carlos School District will be holding two important community meetings this month.  The school board is considering placing an infrastructure bond on the November ballot to build new classrooms to reduce overcrowding, repair and renovate our oldest structures, build up-to-date computer and science labs, and upgrade energy systems to provide long term cost savings.

The District is committed to providing our students with a strong academic foundation and preparing them to succeed in high school, college and the competitive 21st-Century job market. This potential bond measure is an important component of achieving that objective.

The two dedicated forums to discuss the current state of the school facilities and the potential projects funded by a new bond measure will be held on  June 7th at 7PM – Central Middle School  (828 Chestnut Street) and June 26th at 7PM also at  Central Middle School (828 Chestnut Street).

In addition, the School Board will discuss these topics at its regularly scheduled board meetings on June 14th and June 21st, both beginning at 7pm in the Central Middle School library.

This is a great opportunity to hear about the potential bond measure and to provide your feedback.  

Click here for more information on the bond.

I hope you can join us at one the upcoming community meetings.


Dr. Craig Baker

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