Social Media Day in San Carlos.

June 28, 2012


Get On Board!

It would be an understatement to say that social media is a huge part of my business.  Whether it's on this blog, the White Oaks Blog Facebook Page, or @WhiteOaksBlog on Twitter, social media has been an absolutely game-changer for my real estate business because it allows me to connect on so many different levels with residents of San Carlos, as well as potential buyers and sellers.  And writing about real estate and San Carlos is a ton of fun, too.

Many other businesses in San Carlos have employed social media to connect with their customers, too.   If you want to see how a local business uses Twitter to absolute perfection, just check out Zest Bakery's feed @ZestBakery.     Or check out the Facebook Pages of both Bianchini's Market or The City of San Carlos.  Simply put, these are easy and tremendously effective vehicles to get the word out to the community about your business.

So….Not sure where to get started?  Think it's too difficult?  Well, today is your lucky day…

Social Media Day:  A Treasure Hunt.

At tonight's Hot Harvest Night Farmer's Market, the City of San Carlos and the Chamber of Commerce are hosting a social media treasure hunt of sorts.  Participants will employ social media tools to find not only find clues but to post their progress in their search.  At stake are some pretty cool prizes that have been donated by local businesses.   The event is sponsored by Roaring Pajamas, an outstanding San Carlos-based company that specializes in Social Media (Treasure Hunt Hint #1 — if you need help getting your social media campaign off the ground, give them a call.  That one's a no-brainer.)

Here are the details of the Social Media Day festivities:

Join the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and City of San Carlos in a  celebration of Social Media Day! The celebration includes a contest with prizes at the Hot Harvest Nights Farmers Market on June 28.

To participate in the event, follow the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce Twitter account @SanCarlosBiz to find clues to participating businesses in Downtown San Carlos.  Participants will find these businesses by solving the clues, take a picture of each site they discover and then post these pictures to their page on Instagram.

Qualifying participants will be eligible to win a number of great prizes including:

For more information on the Social Media Day events and contest, visit the Social Media Day web page on the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce web site.

Game On!

So get your game on, and crank up your social media presence!  Tonight is the perfect excuse to get started.   You'll have every resource possible to help you get your campaign off the ground.   And remember:  If you're not doing it, your competition very likely is…

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