Sheriff Issues Another Burglary Warning for San Carlos

February 13, 2013


Increase in Break-Ins.

Yesterday, the San Carlos Bureau of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department issued a city-wide email alerting residents to a sudden uptick in residential burglaries in San Carlos.  According to the email, which is included in its entirety below, four homes have been victimized in San Carlos the past 48 hours alone, and thieves appear to be brazenly hitting these homes in broad daylight.   Once they determine that nobody is occupying the home, they are simply gaining entry by kicking in doors or breaking through a window.

These four burglaries are just the most recent that have been reported.  Just last week, good friends of ours on Wildwood Avenue came home to find their house ransacked and valuables stolen, and there are other recent instances of this occurring throughout San Carlos.  So sadly, this deplorable behavior appears to be on the rise.

Be Vigilant.

It's more important than ever to keep a close eye on your home and your neighborhood.  These situations seem to be happening with more frequency, and broad daylight does not seem to deter the burglars.   If something looks out of place, don't hesitate to contact the police.   And don't worry about feeling bad if you called for no reason — you'll feel even worse if you didn't call and should have.

Here's the bulletin from the Sheriff's Office in its entirety:

San Carlos has experienced four residential burglaries in the last 48 hours. All involved residences have sustained forced entry via door kicks. Property stolen includes electronics, jewelry, camera equipment, money and other various items of value. The victim residences are located in: 100 block Northam, 900 block Woodland, 1900 block Eaton and 200 block Clifton. The Sheriff's Office is strongly urging residents to be vigilant in recognizing suspicious persons and vehicles. Suspects are likely knocking on front doors first, as means of determining whether the occupants are home. Side and rear doors appear to be preferred. However, front doors which are primarily secluded from the street are being kicked in. Beware of solicitors or other subjects making contact at your home. These burglaries are occurring during the daytime; between 8am and 5pm. The Sheriff's Office asks that ANY suspicious activities or vehicles be immediately reported by calling 911.

Let's be careful out there.

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  1. Michael on February 15, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    I have to admit that some burglary victims have nobody to blame but themselves. While walking my dogs, I noticed one of my neighbor’s front doors wide open at 6am during the holidyas. I called the police but it turns out they were gone for over a week and never secured the front door before leaving.

    Now again this morning, another neighbor’s front door was wide open at 6am; no lights on, no sign of activity…Are people really that busy or oblivious that the most basic practices are ignored?

    I did call the police and it turned out nobody was home and they did forget to close the door.

    I guess some San Carlos residents are so polite that they want to save the burglar’s effort to get in??

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