Special Hearing Tonight: San Carlos Land Swap.

June 30, 2014

Critical Juncture.

If you haven't been keeping close tabs on the local news lately, the City of San Carlos and the San Carlos School District have struck a tentative deal to effectively “swap” two key parcels of their respectively owned properties in San Carlos.     Under the terms of the agreement, the School District would get the 4-acre plot of land on Crestview Drive known as North Crestview Park to build a new facility for the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (SCCLC).   In return, the City of San Carlos would receive the land at the top of Tierra Linda Middle School, which would likely be utilized as additional recreation space.

At their May 27, 2014 meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution 2014-053, initiating the process of abandoning the North Crestview site designation as a “Park” – a key requirement to enable the site to be developed.    At 7:00 tonight in the San Carlos City Council Chambers, the Council will hold a special meeting to hear and consider all public protests to this Resolution.  At the conclusion of tonight's meeting, the Council is expected to vote to either accept or override the protest.   At least 4 of the Council members must vote to override the protest.

If the protest is overridden, the Resolution then goes on the November ballot for the voters of San Carlos to decide its fate.   If the protest is not overridden, the land swap effectively dies on the dais.  The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at the City Council Chambers at 600 Elm Street in San Carlos.

If you have a strong opinion one way or the other on this issue, obviously tonight is a golden opportunity to have your voice heard by the Council.   It should be a very interesting meeting regardless.

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