Measure P Ballots Arrive in San Carlos Mailboxes.

April 14, 2015


It's Time to Vote.

San Carlos homeowners this past week got one of those familiar red, white and blue over-sized envelopes stamped “Official Ballot” in their mailbox.  You're probably more accustomed to getting these in the fall for a November election, but the one you just received is for a special mail-only ballot for the San Carlos School Parcel Tax renewal; aka Measure P.

As I first wrote about this topic on the blog back in February, the San Carlos School District is facing the imminent expiration of Measure B, the $78/year parcel tax that you've been paying for the past half-decade. Rather than “going back to the well” again in a few years when its counterpart Measure A ($110/year parcel tax) is due to expire, the School District is asking voters now to a) extend the life of both measures for six years, and b) increase the bundled amount by $58/year to a total amount of $246.60 annually, starting this year.

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San Carlos homeowners have been very generous in the past with school parcel tax measures, since there is a direct correlation between the perception of the quality of a community's school district, and the prices of the homes in that district.  In other words, the quality of the San Carlos School District in the eyes of home buyers is a big reason why home prices are so high in San Carlos. There are obviously other reasons why our house prices are sky-high, but there's no argument that the schools play a major part.

Every time one of these school parcel tax measures has been brought up for a vote in San Carlos, there has been vigorous discussion both for and against the passage of these tax measures. From what I have gleaned so far from the various social media channels, Measure P will be no different in this respect. There have been some pretty strong and compelling opinions voiced both for and against this measure already, and it should only get more interesting as the May 5 deadline approaches.

So how will you vote on Measure P?  If you're a San Carlos homeowner, register your vote in our special straw poll below — let's see how accurate it turns out to be when the ballots are counted in just a few weeks.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Do you have strong opinion either way on Measure P? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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