AngelScholars Sets Up Shop in San Carlos.

June 15, 2016

Educational Crowdfunding.

Once you've grown accustomed to the charm and small-town feel of San Carlos, it's sometimes easy to forget that we live smack in the middle of technology universe. The cool, eclectic stores that make up the downtown shopping area aren't the only interesting business that call San Carlos “home”.  There are also some very innovative and interesting technology companies who share the 94070 zip code.

One of those San Carlos companies is AngelScholars.

What is AngelScholars, you ask? It's a company that was founded by a former Google executive that is designed to allow people who would like to pool their money to donate to educational scholarships, but may not be doing so because they don't have a say over where their donation is being used. Think of it as crowdfunding, but focused specifically on education and scholarships.

It's really a fantastic idea when you think about it. You can contribute as little as $50, and still specify where you want the money to be spent — do you want to help a kid get into an engineering school?  Check. Maybe you want to help someone trying to get into your alma mater? You can specify that too.

According to their press release, there's a huge untapped market of philanthropic people who would love to promote higher education, but don't know where to do it, or how to control where their money grows. AngelScholars aims to solve that problem.

Here's a good article that describes the company and their vision:  AngelScholars Launches in San Carlos.

When you think of all of the cool things that have put San Carlos on the map, you can add this one to the list.

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