Affordable Housing Discussion in San Carlos – December 5.

November 30, 2017


The fact that there is a scarcity of affordable housing in San Carlos and all along the Peninsula is hardly a surprise to anyone who is in the market to buy a home, or for anyone simply trying to find a place to rent. The prolonged surge in our local economy has not only created a huge wealth gap among our citizens, but the simple fact that housing demand far outstrips available supply has driven the cost of housing beyond the reach of many people who work and live here. This means long commutes and daily traffic jams for those who are forced to commute here from outside of San Mateo County.

This in itself isn't news.  But the fact that there's a local organization that has tasked itself to take on this problem is.

The Home for All Initiative builds on the work and momentum of the Closing the Jobs/Housing Gap Task Force. Led by Supervisors Don Horsley and Warren Slocum, the Home for All Initiative is working to inspire community action and promote closure of the County’s 26:1 jobs/housing gap. The Initiative’s members include representatives from all sectors of the community and are focused on creating a future where everyone in San Mateo County has an affordable home.

On Tuesday December 5, there will be an important discussion in San Carlos hosted by Home for All San Mateo County where they will outline what they are doing to address issues such as affordable housing and traffic gridlock that have made San Mateo County a challenging place for many to live.  Here are the details on the meeting:

When: Tuesday December 5 — 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Where: San Carlos Library — Upstairs A&B Rooms

This should be an interesting discussion for anyone that is concerned about the prospect of affordable housing and quality of life in San Carlos.

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