Reminder: Property Taxes Due April 10

April 6, 2018


Many of you will be hitting the road next week for Spring Break. All of the San Carlos, Redwood City, and Belmont elementary and middle schools are out next week, as well as the Sequoia Union High School District.  So for the few of us remaining in the area, it's going to be a quiet week!

Many homeowners opted to pay the second installment of their 2017-18 property taxes before December 31 of last year to get the credit before Trump's new tax plan took effect in 2018.  Those that did so guessed correctly that this federal tax deduction would be curtailed in 2018.  For those of you who did not opt to pay the second installment early, it's time to pay the piper now.  The deadline for postmark on the second installment is Tuesday April 10.

If you're hitting the road next week, be sure you mail your check before you leave.  You can also pay online at  But however you do it, don't miss the deadline — there's a 10% penalty if the payment is late, and based on some of the property tax tabs I've seen lately, that's a big “ouch”.

Safe travels!

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