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April 27, 2018


Home for a Home.

A big part of the reason why I switched careers twelve years ago from an being an engineer in a technology firm to being a Realtor was because I was looking for a more fulfilling career where I might be able to have a positive, long-term impact on people's lives. Selling semiconductors into systems that may have a product life of a year (at best) just didn't feel like I was making any sort or a memorable long-term impact on anything.  So just on that standard alone, that career change did not disappoint. I absolutely love to hear about the families that are growing, and the anniversaries that are being celebrated in homes that I helped my clients move into. Equally, it's tremendously satisfying to help a family pack up their lives and their home and move on to the next chapter of their existence outside of the Bay Area.

But for a long time, I have been looking for other ways to give back to those who are far less fortunate than we are to live in such a wealthy, bountiful community that is the Bay Area.  There are obviously many education foundations locally that are always looking for funds.  But being in real estate, I really wanted to tie in the very basic human need for shelter, while perhaps contributing to another part of the world that isn't surrounded by such wealth and opportunity that we have here in the States.

Well, I have finally found that opportunity, and I am thrilled to announce my commitment to Home for a Home, an organization that helps Realtors build homes for families in need in the country of Guatemala. This fabulous organization has streamlined the construction process such that they can build a simple, yet solid home with running water, a full bathroom with a flush toilet and shower, a living room, and filtrated water — all for under $4,000.

How it Works – and The Challenge.

For every buy-side transaction an agent closes, a portion of their commission is contributed and held in an account.  Once the necessary threshold is achieved, the organization releases the funds and builds a new home for a deserving family. The organization then sends a picture and a bio of the family that we collectively helped put into a new home!  Read some of the touching bios of past recipients here.

Well, being as impatient and competitive as I am (for those who have seen me watch a hockey game, you know exactly what I mean!), I want to get my first home built as soon as possible — my goal is to have the first home funded by the end of this year!  So in order to do so, I am upping the stakes of my contribution:

  • In addition to contributing part of my commission from any buy-side transaction, I will also contribute the same amount from any listing that I sell.
  • In order to get the first house funded by the end of this year, I will match the commission contribution (effectively doubling it) so that make a positive impact that much more quickly!

I'm elated to be able to contribute to this organization, and I hope you will join me on this journey.  You are welcome to make an additional donation on your own, but the beauty of this for you is that we only need to do business together to make magic happen for a deserving family!

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