Friday Local Dining: Devil’s Canyon Brewing.

September 28, 2018

Something for the Whole Family.

Right away that just sounds contradictory…a family night at a microbrewery?  But it's very true, and when they talk about “family”,  Devil's Canyon Brewing Company doesn't just mean the kids — they mean the the dog, too!  In a growing trend at microbrewery beer gardens everywhere, well-behaved kids and dogs are becoming more commonly seen as beer tasting takes on a more casual and family-oriented tone.

Devil's Canyon Brewing moved from Belmont to San Carlos several years ago into a large series of warehouses at 935 Washington Street in the Greater East San Carlos neighborhood and immediately became the largest brewer of craft beer in the City of San Carlos.  The new facility gave the owners capacity to increase their brewing output, and much more room for their tasting room.  The sprawling complex, complete with a full stage and a separate private room, has become a very popular destination for corporate functions, and has even hosted a number of San Carlos “State of the City” addresses.

But every Friday evening starting at 4:00 PM, Devil's Canyon opens its doors to the public — moms, dads, kids, and the dogs — for Beer Garden Friday.  There is always live music from the indoor stage, and great food is available for purchase in the rear patio, courtesy of a convoy of at least half a dozen gourmet food trucks.  The food is usually quite good, and culturally diverse — ranging from good vegetarian options all the way up to decadent barbecue.

The vibe on Fridays is always fun, and VERY family oriented.  It's not uncommon at all to see groups of kids running around the facility, and dogs soaking up all the attention. But what brings people to Devil's Canyon is the beer.  Their offering ranges pretty much the entire spectrum, from blonde ales, to robust IPA's, all the way up to their dark and tasty Full Boar Scotch Ale, so there's something for every beer palate.

If You Go…

Admission is free for Beer Garden Friday.  If you're a first timer to Devil's Canyon, you'll have to pay a one-time charge for your first pint glass which is then yours to keep.  On subsequent Friday visits, just remember to bring your pint glass with you to avoid the charge, or the risk of accumulating a bunch of DC pint glasses in your kitchen.

So get outside this Friday while the weather is still good, and enjoy some home-grown family fun!

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