San Carlos Turns Orange on Green Day.

March 17, 2021


Much to the relief of business owners in San Carlos, the County of San Mateo became one of the first counties in the state to slide back to orange status in the state's color-coded plan for restricting the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants all along Laurel Street have been very busy for the past three weeks when the county emerged from the most restrictive purple tier down to red, which allowed them to ramp up outdoor dining, and very limited indoor dining as well. Today's announcement comes almost a year to the day from when the County shut down in 2020, and will help bars and restaurants have a much more prosperous St. Patrick's Day.

The move to the orange tier allows for not only more indoor seating at restaurants (which will come in handy during this unusually cold March), but also allows other establishments to open that have been closed entirely. Here's the official list of do's and dont's:

Shopping malls: Can open indoors with modifications

·      Closed common areas

·      Reduced capacity food courts

Places of worship: Can open indoors with modifications

·      Open at 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer

Dine-in restaurants: Can open indoors with modifications

·      Capacity must be limited to 50% or 200 people, whichever is fewer

Offices (non-essential businesses): Can open indoors with modifications

·      Encourage working remotely

Bars/Breweries (where no meal provided): Can open outdoors with modifications

Movie theaters: Can open indoors with modifications

Gyms & fitness centers, including indoor pools: Can open indoors with modifications

·      Capacity must be limited to 25%

·      Indoor pools can open

·      Indoor hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms must close

·      Climbing walls can open

Family entertainment centers: 

·      Can open indoors for naturally distanced activities, with modifications

o   Capacity must be limited to 25%

o   Bowling alleys and escape rooms allowed

·      Can open outdoors with modifications for activities like kart racing, mini golf, batting cages

Amusement parks and theme parks: Smaller parks can open with modifications

·      Capacity must be limited to 25% or 500 people, whichever is less

·      Outdoor attractions only can open

·      Reservations or advanced ticket sales required

·      Local attendees only (from the same county as the park’s location)

·      Additional activities will be permitted starting April 1, 2021

Hotels, lodging and short-term lodging rentals: Can open with modifications

·      Fitness centers can open to 25% capacity

·      Indoor pools can open

·      Indoor hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms must close

Museums, zoos and aquariums: Can open indoors with modifications

·      Indoor activities limited to 50% capacity

So enjoy your St. Patrick's Day, but remember to remain vigilant and not make today a super-spreader event that we will regret later!!

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