Labor Day Weekend = The Fall Kickoff.

September 1, 2023


A Final Push for 2023.

It's somewhat hard to believe that the calendar has a “9” as the first digit today, and that 2023 is already 2/3 over. There are probably a lot of people who would be happy to just completely flush 2023 and start over fresh in 2024!

But here we are entering Labor Day Weekend, which not only marks the last big getaway of Summer for many people, but it's also the unofficial launch of the Fall real estate market in San Carlos. I say “unofficial” because in reality the start of the Fall market is creeping back into August as schools are starting up earlier, which brings most people back into town. If you subscribe to the theory of listing your home when you have the greatest number of buyers but the least amount of competition, then listing your home in mid-August can be a smart move.

I did just that with my listing at 1440 Orange Avenue, and we had great success despite the fact that some people were still finishing vacations and dropping kids off at college.

But for those homeowners who still want to get their homes sold in 2023, Labor Day Weekend represents the start of the final push to get that done. There are still two months of good weather and long daylight in September and October, but that starts to turn quickly when we hit November. Daylight Savings ends at the end of October, and it starts getting dark again around 6:00 PM, thus making it difficult to show homes in the evenings. By mid-November, buyers and sellers alike start to alter their focus toward the holidays and the wind starts to come out of the sails of the real estate market.

So if this year follows the normal pattern, you should expect to see a surge of new listings starting right after this weekend. Of course, the stubbornly high mortgage interest rates have made this year anything but normal, so we'll know pretty quickly if that pattern is to be repeated.

Until then, have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend in San Carlos, or wherever you end up going!!

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