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Why Do Agents Raise the Price On Their Listings?

A Counterintuitive Strategy. If you've followed your local real estate market closely, you've invariably seen...

Spotlight San Carlos Listing: 2527 Graceland Avenue

An Iconic San Carlos Street. If you've lived in San Carlos for any period of...

More Bay Area Residents Are Moving To…

The Poll Results. Last week I posted a poll asking you which city you think...

Spotlight San Carlos Listing: 1440 Orange Avenue

The Best of White Oaks When people think of the White Oaks neighborhood of San...

Poll: What City Outside of California Are Most Bay Area Residents Moving To?

The Grand Exodus. Much has been written about the recent trend of residents calling it...

How did the San Carlos Market Perform in July?

Usually a Slow Month. It seems strange to look at the calendar and see that...

Spotlight San Carlos Listing: 125 Garnet Avenue.

Checking Many Boxes. If you ask just about any buyer in the market for a...
This is the front of 732 Knoll Drive in San Carlos

Spotlight San Carlos Listing: 732 Knoll Drive.

An Iconic Street. There are maybe 10 streets in all of San Carlos where the...

Why 2023 is not like 2008.

There's No Crash Coming. With all of the challenges that our local real estate market...

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Chuck Gillooley

Chuck Gillooley

I am a life-long Peninsula resident, and one of the top local Realtors serving the San Carlos and Redwood City markets. I'm ready to help you with all of your real estate needs!